How to make Pizza using Food Processor at home

Pizza are the most common food, Italians, Americans, Canadians, Europeans and everyone else, enjoys them. Originally, Italians invented pizza but now everybody eats them. They are delicious round pieces of bread, loaded with various sauces and meat or sausages. You can literally found various varieties in pizza, some are round in shape others are rectangle or maybe in some other shape. They are also in many sizes according to your need. Today we will discuss the most authentic and simple pizza recipe, it delicious, easy to make and does not requires a lot of ingredients and the best part we will be preparing pizza with best food processor at own place. Since we all know food process is very beneficial kitchen appliance and are very common, almost found in every kitchen. As food processors can literally perform every task from, kneading to shredding cheese, we will be using them for making our pizza so that we can save our time and effort.

First of all take five hundred grams of flour in the bowl of food processor and a pinch of a salt, mix the flour and the salt with a spoon. Then on a separate glass take a lukewarm water and add a small packet of yeast, that’s about seven gram. Mix the water and yeast properly and slowly add it on the flour. Start the food processor and mix the dough with the help of the processor. Once a bough is knead, you will need to knead the dough with your hand for few minutes, to make it soft and spongy. Once your dough is ready, place it on a bowl, cover it with a damped towel, and place it in the refrigerator for about two hours. During this time, yeast reacts with the flour and dough, will increase upto twice in size.

Meanwhile, you must prepare the other ingredients, clean the food processor bowl and mince the meat in food processor, take the meat pieces and spread them on the parchment paper on the baking tray and freeze them for an hour, make sure they are stiff and hard at the edges and sides but little bit soft in the centre. During the time when the meat and the dough is in the refrigerator you should start preparing tomato sauce, take a hand full of cherry tomatoes and two or three large round tomatoes, make sure they are roughly cutted, add them in the food processor bowl. Take one large chopped onion and saute them and them transfer them in the processor and also add two cloves of minced garlic, little bit of cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce and a handful of parsley in the bowl of food processor. Mix until smooth paste is not formed. Once a paste is formed, season with salt, pepper, and simmer the paste on low heat for about fifteen minutes or until reduced upto one fourth.

After that add meat in the processor along with salt, pepper, bunch of parsley, two garlic cloves and little bit of red pepper flakes and minced the meat. Now take your dough and kea them to make pizza bread, spread the tomato sauce, and add minced meat chunks, large bits of mozzarella and them bake them for about six minutes at 220-degree celsius.

Once your pizza is ready, serve it with fresh basil on top.